New Season Launch



Monday 16th April at 6pm, will be the first practise night, (roll up).

All are welcome, there will be refreshments of wine, nibbles, tea, coffee.

Come along and meet a friendly group and have some fun.

Roll up nights, are Mondays and Wednesdays, unless there is a match,
details of matches in next month’s magazine.

Any enquiries, Chris Dudman 01798 869274.

Fixtures 2018

Sutton Bowls Club, Fixtures for the 2018 season.

Monday 14th May 6pm, home Fittleworth
Wednesday 23rd May 6pm, home Petworth
Wednesday 30th May 6pm, Away Graffham
Wednesday 6th June 6pm, Away Midhurst
Monday 11th June 6pm, Away Petworth
Wednesday 13th June 6pm, home Rogate
Sunday 17th June 2pm, Away Storrington
Monday 18th June 6pm home Arundel
Wednesday 20th June 6pm, home Pulborough
Wednesday 4th July 6pm, Away Rogate
Sunday 15th July 2pm, Away Southwater
Thursday 19th July 6pm, Away Fittleworth
Tuesday 24th July 6pm, Home Grasshoppers
Monday 6th August 6pm, home Arundel
Wednesday 8th August 6pm home Storrington
Wednesday 15th August 6pm home Graffham
Wednesday 22nd August 5.30pm Away Pulborough
Sunday 26th August 2pm home Southwater
Wednesday 29th August 5.30pm home Midhurst.

Practise nights Mondays or Wednesdays 6.30pm, unless matches.
Any enquiries: Sue Dudman, Secretary 01798869274
Diane Snowden , Membership Secretary. 01798869636

Annual Subscriptions



Members and new talent are always welcomed! You can play for fun on practice nights or look to join the team for matches. Either way the annual subscriptions is £40 per person (we need this for insurance which is obtainable only if we have a list of paid up members).

Anyone interested in joining please contact

Sue Dudman (869 274) 5 Greenfield,

with cash or cheques

made out to ‘Sutton Bowls Club’

Extraordinary General Meeting





The extraordinary meeting was held in the Bowls club Pavilion, on Monday  6th November, at 6pm.


We had a good attendance, to include one former Trustee , Bob Carroll. Stuart Dallyn thanked all those for coming, and for an excellent bowling season, this our first.


The elections followed, to ensure a safe future for the club, as follows,

President—Chris Dudman,   Treasurer—Peter Bentham

Club Captain—Stuart Dallyn

Chairman—Tom Tupper,  Vice Chairman—John Cross

Secretary—Sue Dudman

Greenkeepers: Stuart Dallyn, Anthony Harding, Dennis Burnard, Chris Dudman

Committee: Diane Snowden,  Rita Berry.

Trustees: Bob Carroll  Tom Tupper  Michael Dallyn.


Membership is included to anyone who pays the yearly fee of £40, whether roll ups or matches, with 2 free sessions to start.  Anyone can become a ‘friend’ of the club and pay £40, but not wishing to play, just support.    Concessionary rates for under 18 and students.


The green will be open for roll ups twice a week, depending on matches, it will be Mondays and Wednesdays. Season starts 1st April, weather  depending, for 6 months.


The sponsored walk  has so far, made in excess of £2000 for our much needed funds, the green will need each year about £1,000 to £1,500 to maintain, and the Pavilion needs  work and money spending on it.


Tom Tupper Chaired the meeting and thanked everyone for their hard work and support this year, and thoroughly enjoyed his first bowling season.


We are always looking for new members for the 2018 season,

if interested please contact Sue Dudman, Secretary, 869274, or any of the bowlers listed above.


Sutton Bowls Club - Report


Well, well – I was right (‘not a common occurrence, according to Mrs S), we’ve actually won a bowls match!
Wednesday 19th July saw Sutton Bowls Club host its first match for a perhaps three years. The privileged visitors on that occasion were Fittleworth, who only two weeks prior, had recorded a 3:0 win against us. In fairness, our victory against them was a narrow one. My contribution was reliably indifferent (sorry chaps), whereas Chris Dudman’s team were victorious (cunningly assisted by Sutton donating a couple of players to the opposition). Stuart Dallyn and his cohorts chalked up a most satisfying win over Fittleworth’s strongest trio, with Stuart’s very last wood of the match ‘skilfully’ ricocheting off several others to clinch the narrowest of victories from the jaws of defeat. 2:1 to Sutton!
Our post-match supper was a revelation, especially given the Club’s basic facilities (no electricity or lighting!). The quality of the offering was to the great credit of Sue Dudman and Sue Harding, assisted by Caroline Pontin. Moreover, in the days preceding, Chris Dudman and Jeremy Pontin had thoroughly cleaned and redecorated the toilets, while the two Sues had cleaned the whole of the pavilion. A tremendous and dedicated effort by them and others. Also, deserving of praise is the ongoing hard work of Stuart and Anthony Harding restoring and caring for the green – this is constant and very time-consuming and all undertaken without charge to the Club.
Since that auspicious occasion we’ve hosted three more matches in August – and are comfortably back on form. We lost to Arundel (2:1), a match for which I was deservedly dropped; to Southwater (3:0) on a lovely, sunny afternoon and narrowly to Graffham (2:1. Southwater was a last minute fixture, in which Stuart’s own team had been leading throughout, only to lose by one point – much to his chagrin (but, “what goes around…”).
The Graffham return fixture was a close-run thing, with scores about even half way through, but the visitors did just enough to win by 11 points overall.
There should have been a match against Petworth on 26th July, only this was cancelled due to heavy rain.
We still have two more matches scheduled – 23rd August (Pulborough at home) and 30th August (Petworth away). Who knows, could there yet be a second victory?
The support for your club this season has been terrific, but more members are still sought – whether as recreational players or match fodder. The atmosphere is casual and very welcoming. Roll-ups are still happening (other than match days) every Monday and Wednesday from c. 6.15pm. Please don’t think this is a game just for old men (although a lot of us are) – we do have the odd young person and we also have some very talented women players, including Caroline Pontin, Sue Harding, Rita Berry and Diane Snowden. So go on, give it a whirl.


Martin (15th August)

Annual General Meeting