Both the Village Hall and the Churches constantly need additional funds, mainly to maintain the buildings. This section shows how villagers can contribute to these efforts.

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Fundraising projects for our five ancient church buildings at Sutton, Barlavington, Burton, Bignor and Coates:

  • Ceramics with illustrations of our churches by local artist Sarah Whistler
  • Mini-gardens, planted by Penny Murray in pots made by Ann Elliott
Local artist Sarah Whistler has provided illustrations of our churches in both colour and black and white. These have been used to decorate plates and mugs. The process creates transfers digitally using magnetised particles of glaze which means that each item can be created as a one-off whereas traditional screen printing is only viable for larger production runs. Once fired, the decoration is permanent, food- and dishwasher-safe. Some stock is available which had been made for the fête and additional stock can be made at the next scheduled kiln run. Product options include mugs at £10 and rectangular plates (24×13.5cm) at £12.50.
Contact Rosemary Elliott with any queries and to place an order: 07768 195201
Due to the variety of options (10 for both plates and mugs) we may have limited stock available. We will do another kiln run before Christmas once we can consolidate all back-orders.
Designs and examples are shown below:

Sutton, B&W

Coates, B&W

Bignor, B&W

Barlavington, B&W

Burton, B&W

Barlavington, Colour

Bignor, Colour

Burton, Colour

Coates, Colour

Sutton, Colour

Bignor, B&W plate

Coates, B&W plate

Sutton, B&W plate

Coates, Colour plate (special)

Sutton, Colour mug
Mini-Garden - Succulent-planted Bowls
Ann Elliott and Penny Murray are working together to raise funds for the fabric of our local churches. Their ceramic bowls (individually hand-made by Ann) and planted with succulent plants (propagated by Penny) are each unique. Prices vary from £25 to £75 depending on size and complexity. Miniatures can be purchased for under £10.
The plants are easy to look after and may be displayed outside in the summer and indoors in the winter. We supply all the materials and plants.  We are not taking any costs – the full price goes to the fabric fund.
To view current stock, contact:      01798 342432
Or    01798 343314
Here are some examples: