The 100 Club

January 100 Club


This meeting of the 100 Club falls on Burn’s night.  Therefore, we’d like to invite the group to join in with our Burn’s Night Supper!



Guests would need to call and reserve their places.  Ideally, they’d let us us know if they are two or three courses, and which courses.  It wouldn’t be difficult to offer people pudding on the night if they change their mind.







Billy Lewis-Bowker

General Manager


Dear All.

Here are the results of the December draw

1st     416 – 420
2nd    176 – 180
3rd     631 – 635
4th     581 – 585
5th     221 – 225
6th     461 – 465
7th     301 – 305

What a fantastic turn out for the first draw in the White Horse for 15 months. Thank you all for your super support. I do hope we can keep that up, it was so much fun.
Hope you all enjoyed it.